About Us

Bait Hanayen is a luxury brand catering to women’s fashion desires since 2006,  It carves new and traditional trends in Abayas and Sheila designs reflecting the deep knowledge of Arab values, traditions, and finesse in designing and quality in production.

Our main inspiration is to create an abaya for every style because modesty is both elegant & chic. Therefore, every lady will find her perfect abaya from a wide selection of categories, Casual, Trendy, Special Occasion, Sportswear & Workwear.

It’s not just another abaya, we put our heart and soul in every single piece we design, everything is thought deeply and detailed from the designers that work with us to the materials used, threads, buttons, crystals everything has a key part in the crafting of Bait Hanayen pieces.

We are pioneers in our industry, our production base and manufacturing is in Kuwait, our factory team is a dynamic and inspiring group of people, each one has a major role in the final product and nothing would be achieved without them. The team includes cutters and cutting masters, hand embroidery artists, crystal applicators, tailors, machine & computer embroidery specialists, pattern masters and of course our team of designers.

We are proud partners of Mitsubishi Japanese Soalon and Swarovski Elements since day one, for which we call them part of our extended family. Other premium materials used in our pieces are French & Italian lace, chiffon, cotton, crepe, velvet and satin.

Bait Hanayen is present in prominent locations The Avenues Mall - 360 Mall - Bairaq Mall - Promenade Mall - Gate Mall- Awtad Mall and now we are also Online delivering worldwide.